July 29, 2014

Hilton to enable room selection via mobile and web-based floor plans

Hilton Worldwide gives guests choice and control over their entire hotel stay with the ability to check-in and choose rooms from digital floor plans, purchase upgrades and make special requests for items by using their mobile devices, tablets or computers.

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Ctrip’s hotel booking growth continues

Ctrip.com will extend its rally after reaching a record last week as China’s biggest travel website boosts its share of the hotel reservation market at the expense of smaller competitors. Ctrip's hotel bookings jumped 67 percent last quarter while Elong reported a 43 percent increase.

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The mobile booking funnel is coming of age

A major shift is occurring among travel marketers as brands are moving beyond asking “how can we increase the rate at which mobile users book a reservation” to also consider “how can we use mobile to create a more compelling experience for our customers?”

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