March 27, 2015

TripAdvisor key for hotel and airline success on mobile

According to the recent report, TripAdvisor users are on average 3x more likely to own an airline, hotel or OTA app than those without TripAdvisor installed. As travel apps continue to grow their installed base, TripAdvisor could be the travel industry's key to finding an engaged audience.

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The shut-in economy

The new world of on-demand everything isn’t about sharing at all. It’s about being served. You’re either pampered, isolated royalty - or you’re a 21st century servant. Or put in other words, you're either behind the door, receiving your dinner in the tower - or you’re like the food delivery guy.

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The age of the Indian traveler

It is impossible not to be astonished by India. With over a billion prospective customers, it is essential for travel players to stay ahead of the game in providing the best experience possible for travelers.

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