May 06, 2016

Are TripAdvisor and Priceline signaling peak travel or a vacation recession?

It’s still too early to say that the online travel sector has peaked, and it’s still not set in stone that travel is about to see a major contraction. That being said, the easy growth days for the sector and the endless consolidation efforts might already have been seen.

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Mobile bookings booming with UK travelers

New research from Hitwise has revealed mobiles as the device of choice for budding UK travellers, with over half of visits to travel ‘destination’ sites made from a mobile. When it comes to accommodation, affluent 18-34 year olds are most likely to head to sharing economy sites such as AirBnB.

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10 key trends for modern revenue management

The past few years have given birth to a wide variety of revenue management ‘best practices’ and tools. Two of the major factors affecting a modern revenue manager’s success are the tools they are using, and how well RMs are integrating their knowledge with the ‘big picture’.

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