July 25, 2017

Hotel giants insist booking direct is the superior option

The hotel companies responded to a Piper Jaffray study that found travelers often have a better chance finding lower hotel prices on OTAs and travel search sites than on the hotels' own websites.

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Expedia boss on the new breed of disrupters

Mr Khosrowshahi’s latest obsession is voice search, and he has several types of voice assistants at home. He imagines how one day voice search could replace the current system of ticking boxes and filling in airport codes on a website to book a plane ticket.

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7 practical tips to improve online reviews of your hotel

In a digital world, not only every visitor to your hotel is a potential critic, they also have the power to reach a wide audience, and their views can have a significant impact upon your revenue. It is for this reason that the concept of managing online reviews has emerged as such an important part of any hotel reputation management strategy.

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