August 19, 2014

Version 2 of online travel will leave no business model unchanged

Whereas phase 1 was based on choice and price comparison, phase 2 of travel and the internet is all about multi-platform - online and offline rather than online versus offline - and travel becoming more like a publishing business, with much more emphasis on peer reviews and personalised content.

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‘Travel hacking’: Scam or strategy?

Many travel hackers spend their time finding erroneous airfares and hotel rates, discovering loopholes that let them collect loyalty points without entering an aircraft, and unearthing codes and other shortcuts that entitle them to discounts meant for someone else.

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Uber back online in Berlin and Hamburg

Four days after being banned in Berlin by local taxi regulators on safety grounds, Uber is back on track in both that city and Hamburg. The presiding judge of the Berlin Administrative Court today suspended the regulator’s ban on Uber “until further notice”.

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What you can learn from Airbnb’s new logo backlash

Despite what you may have read during July's logo gate coverage, Airbnb's brand launch was a case study in thoughtful rebranding, a venture often beset by risk. It was highly choreographed, press-savvy, buzzworthy, delivered with passion, and, most importantly, done with purpose.

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