October 09, 2015

Is Trivago Expedia’s answer to Google and TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor‘s hotel chain partnerships and Google‘s foray into hotel bookings must have shaken up Expedia about the value that metasearch engines can create by partnering directly with hotels. With Trivago, Expedia is also gearing up to provide stiff competition in the metasearch segment.

In a recent interview, Trivago’s managing director and head of hotel relations, Johannes Thomas, stated that the company had changed its focus this year to give more importance to direct hotel relationships. Trivago has also updated its Hotel Manager platform to attract more independent hotels.

Industry analyst Trafis believes that Trivago is strengthening its metasearch competency in order to help Expedia in its quest to gain a larger portion of both the hotel suppliers and travelers, on its platform.

Recently, it has been a prevalent trend among metasearch engines to partner with hotels. Metasearch platforms are providing a fair playing ground to independent hotels alongside OTAs with this move. However, OTAs might not be too happy with losing their competitive edge towards getting the first preference when it came to user searches.

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