May 01, 2012

12 provocations on the future of social

Here are twelve areas social media company We Are Social elieves brands should be thinking about and bringing to life if they want to stay at the forefront of social media excellence.

1. Mobile Social: The future of social will be mobile, so marketers need to adapt their approach and content for smaller screens and slower connections.

2. SoLoMo Takes Over: With that shift to mobile, location-specific mobile platforms (SoLoMo) will move to the core of our audiences’ social media activities. As a consequence, marketers need to work out how they can bring their brands’ social promises to life wherever they have relevance.

3. Search-Social Crossover: People will increasingly turn to their social networks to get more personally relevant answers to their searches. As a result, conversations will become a central component of SEO – one reason why we believe Google is banking on Google+.

4. Social Baked-In: Social media experiences are no longer confined to host platforms. The Like, Tweet and +1 buttons are now ubiquitous across the web, and this trend towards ‘social everywhere’ functionality will only accelerate in the coming months.

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