January 11, 2018

5 tips for an award-winning guest experience

If you’re looking for ways to improve guest experience at your hotel, who better to ask than the winners of the 2017 Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards?

We asked the owners, managers and operators of the winning hotels from 2017’s Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards to let us in on the secrets to their success, and have put together these five tips for award-winning guest experience based on their expert insights.

1. Keeping guests comfortable means getting the details right

Sometimes a great guest experience is about a big moment that stands out in a guest’s mind. But, more often than not, it’s the small details that make a stay memorable. Your guests might not consciously notice how wonderful the carpet feels beneath their feet, how soft the sheets are, or how perfectly lit their room is, but, as the proprietors of Cedar Manor Hotel know, these all add up to making guests feel comfortable.

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