November 10, 2017

7 things travel marketers need to know about pixels and cookies

There are several tracking technologies that make marketing attribution possible, and Sojern takes a look at two of them: pixels and cookies.

1. Neither pixels nor cookies collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Although pixels and cookies collect and store data about a user’s behavior, they don’t collect personally identifiable information. Even when using a third party advertiser, they won’t receive the name of the user, email, etc, but instead a unique ID of that user.

2. A pixel is a block of code that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising

It’s unnoticeable to your site visitors and won’t affect your site’s performance. When a traveler visits your site and takes an action, the pixel “fires” or collects the data from the user’s behavior and reports the action. Then, you know when a traveler takes an action and can reach them again through your future ads.

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