December 19, 2012

Hotel marketers get ready for the three-screen battle in 2013

Mobile and tablet devices and their respective marketing and distribution channels should be treated as separate device categories. Three distinct device categories constitute the three screens to which hoteliers should pay special attention in 2013: desktop, mobile and tablet.

Search engines and many major media sites already consider tablets as a distinct device category, characterized by its own unique user behavior and best practices for user experience and content delivery. Here's why:

Internet user behavior. Internet users exhibit different behavioral patterns when browsing the Internet. For all practical purposes, the desktop, mobile device and tablet all address different needs at different times of the day and week. According to Google, users searching Google utilize desktop during the day (office); mobile during lunch break and happy hour; and tablet later in the evening when lounging.

According to Google's data, 7% of all searches in 2012 already come from tablets versus 14% from mobile devices and 79% via desktops. Google also reports different search dynamics across the three device/channel categories and a dramatic increase in hotel queries in the mobile and tablet channels.

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