June 01, 2018

A hotel or a destination?

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa already enjoyed a loyal guest following. However, they wanted to shift brand perception among customers; rather than visiting Bath, they wanted guests to feel like The Royal Crescent & Spa itself was the destination.

With a range of luxurious ancillary services, there was also a desire to encourage longer stays with the opinion that ‘one night is never enough’. A longer stay would afford guests the opportunity to enjoy all that the hotel and spa had to offer, firmly establishing it as a resort property and a destination in it’s own right.

Beyond this repositioning, they also had some other key objectives of brand refinement;

- To showcase the refurbished hotel and spa through both visual and written content
- To reflect the new brand digitally
- To drive incremental interest and bookings via increased PPC advertising that reflects the new brand
- To improve the website’s overall commercial performance (traffic, revenue, conversion)

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