October 17, 2017

A look inside Israel’s booming travel tech industry

Israel is currently home to more than 300 travel tech startups making an impact in all travel sectors from tourism to hospitality and travel giant Booking.com just announced it will open an R&D center here in Israel.

Founder Itai Green has established a community of at least 250 Israeli travel tech entrepreneurs brought together with a common interest. While travel tech is one of the most competitive industries in Israel , the ITTS hopes to increase and strengthen an internal collaboration between Israeli startups, while also connecting them with investors and increasing their engagement with multinational corporations and investors.

“We want the travel corporates and investors from around the world to discover the rapidly growing travel tech ecosystem in Israel, from which they can get a huge benefit,” Green tells NoCamels.

Green had this in mind when he got behind the launch of the first-ever Israeli Travel Tech Ecosystem Map that reviews all the local travel companies.

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