January 25, 2013

A snapshot of the Expedia Business Traveler

Expedia Media Solution created in an interesting infographic highlighting the lifestyle of Expedia's Business Traveler and how it compares to the average online consumer.

Compared to the average online consumer, the Expedia business traveler is….

- At the top of the Income Chain: 1.5X more likely to have a household income of over $100K

- Working in Finance or Advertising: 9X more likely to work in the finance industry and 5X more likely to work in advertising

- Driving a Luxury Vehicle: 38% more likely to buy an Infiniti, 27% more likely to buy an Audi or Land Rover and 23% more likely to buy a Mercedes

Compared to the average Expedia user, the business traveler is:

- Visiting Exotic Locales: Over 50% more likely to visit Dubai, Madrid, Barcelona, Bangkok

View the complete infographic at Expedia