September 05, 2017

AI-powered hotel concierge app aims to dazzle guests

The latest hotel concierge app has been built to integrate with Amazon’s voice-activated Alexa personal assistant and Facebook Messenger.

Dazzle has just signed its first customer – which it is yet to reveal – after a pilot with Marriot County Hall in London.

It uses artificial intelligence via chat bot and voice to contact hotel staff so they can answer guests’ questions and offer recommendations on request. It can be used to order taxis, extras like toothbrushes or irons from hotels, ask for wake-up calls or change check-out times.

Linked directly to partner hotels, guests can ask Dazzle questions through Facebook Messenger or in their room using Amazon Echo.

Dazzle’s parent company Lola Tech believes today’s hotel customers are “prone to ask more of a digital interface than a human”. The app is designed to enable hotels to “empower staff” and engage with customers “in a way they are familiar with”.

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