December 19, 2013

Airlines combine social media with GPS tracking to keep customers happy

Airlines have a way of knowing your preferences, even when you don't tell them. The culprit? Social media, of course. Coupled with the latest GPS tracking technology Quantas can now respond in real time to a customer's online feedback.

Recently Qantas started a tryout to monitor digital conversations on social-media sites like Twitter or on Facebook.

The technology comes from Australian start-up Local Measure, and it allows corporate clients to search not by keyword but by GPS coordinates. As a result, when a customer posts a picture on Instagram (even one without a caption) from one of ten Qantas airport lounges, the customer care team is alerted immediately.

"It allows us to pinpoint customer feedback to a specific location. If someone raises an issue, it gives our lounge staff the ability to step in and resolve the problem," says Jo Boundy, head of digital communication at Qantas.

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