July 03, 2018

Alexa, what do Echo devices in hotels mean for travel marketers?

With the latest news that they will be placing Echo devices in hotel rooms across the country, starting with Marriott hotels, there’s now potentially even a bigger implication for travel advertisers.

Amazon is not thinking about launching into the travel industry - Amazon is in the travel industry.

Amazon has already done a tremendous amount to strengthen and diversify their advertising capabilities. A few years ago, Amazon acquired their own server-to-server bidding platform as a response to the growth of header bidding. Likewise, the Amazon Advertising Platform has quickly risen in popularity among programmatic advertisers, surpassing Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager (Now the Google Marketing Platform) among the group of advertisers surveyed in this AdExchanger study from 2017.

In fact, advertising was by far the fastest-growing segment for Amazon in Q1 of 2018, generating more than $2.03 billion, an increase of 139 percent from Q1 in 2017. Up to now, Amazon’s advertising has been mostly related to search and product promotions that happen on Amazon.com. But Amazon has the capability to do much more.

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