October 23, 2012

Apple Maps marketing, getting your business listing right

Even if you think Google Places is where it’s at in terms of getting local customers, most Apple users will be using Apple Maps to find local stuff, no matter the current quality challenges. Here is how you can ensure your business is listed correct on Apple Maps.

Apple Maps is having issues getting some of the business listing data right. Often this is the case because Apple is merging data from various sources and one or more of the sources has inaccurate information which for some reason Apple may trust more than the good stuff.

This is very common with Google Places and with any dataset that uses a variety of sources. So it’s important that you check every known Apple Maps data source to make sure they have the right information for your business. If your data is out of whack in the U.S., at the moment, again I suggest you use “Report a Problem”, but the fastest way to improve things, at least in the US, may be to get a premium listing from Localeze.

Localeze service speeds up verification of your business data (all submitted changes to Apple Maps need to be verified before getting published) and is sent to Apple relatively fast. My best guess at the moment is that Localeze has the verification systems in place to get this done faster than Apple. Then you’re just waiting for Apple to update its Localeze file.

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