July 25, 2012

Appnostic on hotel marketing with Klout?

Klout has evolved into a social media marketing asset with advantageous implications for both hotels and consumers, and early adopter hotels incorporating Klout into their marketing strategies have witnessed exciting results.

Klout provides another shiny new bridge to unite with your consumer. It also helps by revealing the consumer’s potential as an individual broadcast network. Remember when citizen journalists rose to prominence alongside camera phones and open source blogging platforms? Well, today we have citizen broadcast networks—latent brand ambassadors with measurable audience reach just waiting for a compelling enough reason to boost your brands own reach, influence, and reputation.

From a traveler’s perspective, Klout now accommodates hoteliers, hospitality brands and airlines. Clever brands are offering upgraded experiences to Klout users whose scores prove them capable of starting highly influential conversations about their travels. Franchises can also use Klout to monitor the conversations of their competitive set, tailoring promotions for individual properties in specific areas.

In 2010, the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas looked at the Klout scores of guests as they checked in and upgraded rooms for high-ranking influencers—many guests had no idea how they’d earned the privilege. Among Las Vegas-based hotel casinos, the Palms went from the 17th largest social-network following on Facebook to the 3rd highest. The Palms owns from one of the best Klout scores among its peers. Today, they continue their partnership with Klout, offering impressive amenities for “Klout Klub” members, and even co-hosting a special event with the social-media site at CES this year.

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