November 22, 2012

Are there too many players in the online travel industry value chain?

The lack of standards, a push towards virtual cards to simplify the payment process and the role of technology in reducing complexity are among the challenges facing the global travel industry.

Many would argue that the systems and methods online travel businesses use to sell travel services have become too convoluted. Technology companies can play a role within this space to reduce the levels of complexity that have complicated purchasing within the sector.

These were among the issues discussed during a recent World Travel Market session which involved people from all corners of industry including Alex Banbridge, chief executive of TourCMS, David Cabreza, Director, Hilton Worldwide and Suhail Uddin, Business Development – Travel, Ixaris Systems Ltd.

The panel conclusively agreed that there is a definite problem when it comes to the complex process of buying travel services to sell online. In order to solve this issue, technology companies play a valuable role in simplifying this process, making it as cost effective as possible to connect global suppliers with buyers.

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