November 08, 2017

Are you giving your guests a room or an experience?

Enticing guests to stay with you has become one of the biggest obstacles in the hotel industry, since guests now have a range of options available to them – many of which are far more affordable than a traditional hotel.

What many guests want from hotels also seems to have changed. While some are still looking for the familiar comfort that hotels provide, others are longing for a local experience. Hotels are uniquely equipped to cater for both.

There is often a sense of sameness between hotels. It doesn’t matter if you are in Barcelona or Johannesburg, you get to your room, and know what to expect. As GoCanvas explains, hotels offer consistency, and it can be reassuring to find that some things never change, no matter where you are on the planet.

While providing that sense of comfort works well for business travellers and guests who prefer to explore on their own, many prefer to be taken out of their comfort zone. They want to experience what a city or country is like, rather than simply sticking to the hotel lobby.

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