October 30, 2012

Banners, buttons and text links: an experiment in conversion

Much is written about conversions from various types of page real estate, but few share that data. Here is a study that looks at how different call to actions affect click through and uncovers some interesting findings around changing behaviours in how we react.

A conversion can come in many forms for a website owner, from a simple click on a link all the way to a large product purchase – whatever form it’s in, it’s a visitor action that makes you money and drives your website forward.

Most online business-focused blogs talk about how to gain more traffic one way or the other. From Google and affiliate referrals all the way to social networking sites like Facebook.

However, not enough talk about converting the visitors the site already has. Improving aspects of your site to aid conversion could be the difference between acquiring 10 customers and 20 customers a day, doubling your income without doubling your traffic.

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