November 09, 2017

Being hospitable is no longer enough

The hospitality industry is facing its biggest change in a generation: becoming brave enough to rely on new technologies to know the guest better, improve communication, automate where possible, and optimise pricing to drive revenues and bottom line.

Those that take the leap of faith will win guest loyalty, market share and profit. Early innovators will lead the pack. The rest will play catch up. That was the resounding message to come from the third Revenue Strategy Forum in London, which took place at the Amba Hotel Charing Cross on 6 November.

Hospitality innovators and brand executives came together to discuss new innovations in artificial intelligence, cognitive learning and big data analytics.

Bret Greenstein, VP of Consumer Business at IBM Watson Internet of Things, kicked off proceedings with a keynote speech on cognitive and predictive intelligence.

He detailed the many innovations coming through IoT and how a connected world can deliver more guest data, leading to greater personalisation and improved guest comfort.

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