January 08, 2013

Best days for hotel marketers to post on Facebook

Knowing when to share brand-related content on your Facebook page can be a messy guessing game for even the most experienced marketer. Each brand page's audience is unique and Facebook's continual tinkering of its news feed algorithm makes the job of staying relevant all the more challenging.

Fortunately, LinchpinSEO has put together a handy infographic that highlights this information, segmenting the days that have brands have the most Facebook engagement. This information is based on data that was compiled earlier last year by Buddy Media, who analyzed over 1,800 brand Facebook pages over a two-month span to come up with their findings.

Below are some general findings from the study. Interactions here are defined as a like, comment or share that a post receives.

- Posts published between 8 PM - 7 AM received 14% higher interaction than posts published between 8 AM - 7 PM.

- Brands that post once a day see 19% higher interaction rates.

- Pages that most more than 7 times per week see a 25% decrease in interaction rates.

- Interaction rate for weekend posts is 14.5% higher than weekday posts, yet only 14% of posts are published on weekends.

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