June 14, 2018

Booking.com: Instant gratification is changing the way we deliver services

Look no further than the emerging markets to see how messaging platforms are changing how consumers live their daily live.

Messaging, particularly in the developed world is still in its infancy when it comes to the features being offered in the chat environment. Increasingly, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the most important platforms in the developed world and they provide a gateway to businesses through APIs. The impact of this cannot be understated. Consumers can now connect with brands in a way they have never been able to before and can start asking questions directly.

In a world where Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are responsible for 60 billion messages daily, there is no doubt that messaging is thriving – often with the expectation of an instant response. Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer at Booking.com, shares his thoughts on how this behaviour is changing service delivery.

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