July 10, 2018

Booking.com is now offering third-party inventory with Booking.basic

We are used to Booking.com’s inventory appearing re-distributed in endless places - but not the other way around. Up until now, that is. Enter Booking.basic: rooms on Booking.com provided by third parties.

Hotel marketing agency Mirai came across Booking.basic while working for hotel clients in Asia, where it found hotel inventory from Agoda and Ctrip on Booking.basic.

There is no official word from Booking.com on Booking.basic yet, other than the fine print Booking.com's Privacy Policy:

Booking.basic: You may be able to make a Booking.basic reservation. Booking.basic reservations are facilitated by third party business partners. During the reservation process, we are required to share some relevant personal information for that reservation with the third party business partner. Please review the information provided in the book process or the reservation confirmation for more information about the third party business partner and how they further process your personal data.

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