May 04, 2018 research exposes surprising gap between travel ambitions and reality

Technology has transformed travel, shrinking the world with thousands of destinations only a click away. However, new research reveals a significant two thirds of today’s travelers don’t believe they are making the most of their travel opportunities. has conducted research across 20,500 global travelers to uncover the barriers and anxieties which prevent people from making the most of every trip and reveal how they can move to a state of truly limitless travel.

The research shows that despite a world of opportunities one in five people (20%) have never felt limitless on vacation and one in 10 (10%) have only ever felt limitless once.

Nevertheless there is a strong desire to be a limitless traveler, with almost half (44%) of people worldwide expressing that aspiration and over three quarters (78%) wanting to make the most of every travel experience and travel with no regrets.

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