May 14, 2018

Cloud security, innovation go hand in hand for hotels and casinos

Hotels and casinos need to be in the cloud if they expect to grow their businesses instead of ceding more and more transactions - and a greater share of profits - to OTAs or any other disruptor focused on innovating in hotel ecommerce.

But are you really “in the cloud” just because you can’t see a bunch of hardware in your hotel or casino? What SaaS means is that the vendors that build and support different solutions, like a property management system or revenue management system, are continually monitoring and improving those tools and making sure they’re always accessible to a hotel’s users from whatever device those users prefer.

If a solution or application is built the right way, it’s not only “in the cloud” but also safe and scalable as a hospitality company grows and requests new functionality. You are truly secure in the cloud if:

- Your systems don’t rely on a single data center. Good cloud-based applications and solutions are designed to have their component services distributed, instead of one machine running the entirety of the system in one location. Duetto’s applications, for instance, run exclusively on Amazon Web Services. The company’s architecture is designed with many redundancies to avoid single points of failure. Different servers run Duetto’s database, application and analytics functions, and everything is backed up across several different data centers.

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