February 23, 2018

Competitors eye opportunities arising from Amex GBT-HRG deal

American Express Global Business Travel's planned acquisition of Hogg Robinson Group will give the company advantages in geographic footprint, leverage with suppliers and more money to invest in technology.

GBT will benefit from HRG's more established presence in Europe, making it easier to court clients there through people who have a greater understanding of the market, Unger said.

Jack Mannix, founder of Jack E. Mannix & Associates, agreed that the acquisition makes geographic sense, considering GBT's strength in the U.S. and HRG's more global presence.

The expanded company will enjoy benefits when it comes to vendor relationships, as well, according to Henry Harteveldt, founder of Atmosphere Research. Combined, GBT and HRG will have more clout with GDSs, technology vendors and the like. When it comes to suppliers like airlines and hotels, the larger company will likely have advantages, but they could be tempered by client preferences.

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