May 14, 2018

Creating a winning hotel loyalty program

In today’s travel landscape independent hoteliers work very hard to win a direct booking. So when you do, it’s important to encourage the guest to come back directly again and again.

The major hotel chains have been promoting loyalty for years with points-based rewards programs but how does a small, independent hotel create a loyalty program?

It may seem easier to offer a financial reward to a returning customer but this will bring eventual financial pressure if part of a long term strategy. Also it will become stale in time and the customer is likely to move on to another hotel offering more benefits and a better experience for their money.

The better option is to offer a value-based reward. Offering a bottle of wine on arrival or spa credits is giving the customer an experience which they’re more likely to remember. This perk is also more likely to give the guest favourable feelings towards the hotel. Why not get the guest to even choose their own loyalty reward offering a more personalised scheme.

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