July 13, 2018

CWT rolls out hotel price monitoring solution

The Price Tracking technology continually monitors prices for hotel rooms, checking them against existing bookings. When the system identifies savings, CWT cancels and re-books at the lower price.

CWT partnered with airfare and hotel price-tracking services provider Yapta for the technology.

The TMC says its counsellors manually re-book around one in 20 itineraries with the same flight or hotel at a lower rate and that automating the process will improve its ability to offer clients savings.

Patrice Simon, CTO of strategy and new product development at CWT, said: “This technology can save clients up to 2 per cent – that’s a huge sum of money for a company with a sizeable travel programme. Best of all, it’s largely automated, running in the background 24/7, delivering savings every single day.”

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