August 10, 2018

eBook: From dreaming to booking

Download HEBS Digital's latest eBook to learn strategies to implement in order to reach travelers at every stage of their travel planning journey.

It is crucial to be present at every step of the way in order to capture the attention of potential guests and nurture them through the path to a direct booking. In each phase, people are looking for different content and information:

- Dreaming Phase: In this phase, people are exploring destination options and ideas with no firm plans. At this stage, People are looking for inspiration.

- Planning Phase: In this phase, people have chosen a destination. They’re looking for the right dates, the right flight, the right place to stay, and things to do.

- Booking Phase: In this phase, research is done and people are ready to book their accommodations.

- Experiencing Phase: In this phase, the trip is underway. Travelers are ready to live the vacation they’ve been dreaming about and share it with others.

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