February 16, 2017

Eight hotels that look like they belong in the future

Vacations are all about seeing a new place, right? But what if you could also experience a new era? From properties with intergalactic, pod-like bedrooms to hotels with robot helpers, these Jetsons-worthy accommodations offer a glimpse at what the future might hold.

Yotel, New York City

Yes, this Manhattan location of the European chain Yotel is a tad out of the way (it’s tucked on quiet 10th Avenue) and yes, it does feature itty-bitty capsule-style rooms (motorized beds fold upright when not in use), but the hip amenities (not to mention relatively affordable rates) help make up for that. Stepping through the doors here feels a lot like time-traveling to the future, thanks to airport-style touch-screen check-in machines, furnishings that resemble an upper-class cabin, and Trekkie-style staff uniforms. All of that coupled with an enormous rooftop terrace and sleek restaurant and bar serve as stellar previews to the property’s star attraction: Yobot, the gimmicky, yet thrilling, robot luggage handler that’s stationed in the lobby.

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