November 01, 2012

Email most popular customer service channel among online shoppers

Based on a new survey, around half (49%) of respondents said they prefer to use email compared to 43% on phone. Younger shoppers are highly likely to turn to social channels when these touch points fail, with 46% of under 25s and 33% of 25-33 year olds using social to air their grievances more publically.

Rakuten’s stats are similar to findings from a survey we ran last year using Toluna. It revealed that 44% of UK consumers preferred email for customer service while one in three preferred telephone.

However data included in a separate infographic on poor customer service suggests that the situation is very different across the pond. According to the infographic, 90% of US consumers prefer to use the telephone for customer service, 75% face-to-face and 67% prefer the company website or email.

This discrepancy is likely caused by conflicting methodologies, as although the infographic doesn’t say how its research was conducted Rakuten’s survey of 1,000 UK consumers was carried out online among people that had previously bought something from an e-commerce site.

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