March 14, 2013

European consumers use less travel sites to complete transaction

While online penetration showed little change during 2012 - with roughly 80% of all European travelers using the Internet at some point in the planning process - the number of websites travelers used, however, was lower than some observers might have thought. In France, for example, 41% of travelers used only one or two websites during 2012.

German travelers tend to use the most websites in the planning and booking process but even they are beginning to use less year after year.

PhoCusWrith is seeing consumers settling into habits when it comes to planning travel online. Whereas in the past they were unfamiliar with travel websites, now consumers have their favorite brands and platforms, and are sticking to them.

The No. 1 reason why consumers in the U.K. and France said they choose one website over another is ease of use, followed closely by “I’ve had a good experience on this website before.” Ease of use was the second most commonly cited reason among German consumers, following good past experiences.

Consumers in all three countries cited “price” as the third most important reason for booking on one website over another.

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