February 07, 2012

Expedia largest traffic source for Priceline

New research from Citi shows that Expedia was the largest traffic source for Priceline with an 18% referral share in January 2012, followed by Kayak (12%), Google (12%), Microsoft (9%) and Yahoo (6%).

Perhaps Priceline should reconsider throwing all that dough into Google and do a little more advertising on Expedia sites. (OK, the tongue’s wagging again.)

Mark Mahaney, managing director of Internet research for Citi Investment Research & Analysis, says Expedia’s influential role as a traffic referral source for Priceline “highlights the extent of comparison shopping that occurs in the online travel vertical.”

After Expedia, the leading sources of traffic for Priceline in January 2012 were the Kayak network (12%), Google sites (12%), Microsoft sites (9%) and Yahoo sites (6%), according to the Citi’s Annual ‘Net Influence Report.

Get the full story at Tnooz, and Citi’s Annual ‘Net Influence Report at Citi.com (PDF 245 KB)