November 19, 2012

Expedia to turn focus on tours and activities

A new single global platform, Expedia's Local Expert Hub, will provide operators with a scalable, multi-lingual route to market that can be automatically updated through its API connection.

This will allow more tours and activities to be retailed through Expedia’s network of third parties as well as directly on its own website

Besides online marketing opportunities through the Expedia network, it also offers a point-of-sale service to sell tour and activities, on desktop, via kiosks or concierges.

“Direct connect gives operators real-time access to our system. Any time they make an update, that flows through to our customers automatically. All payment processes are automated. An extranet allows partners to come in and manage their own rates and inventory and there is a self sign-up platform to join our network,” says Kerry Landeis, vice-president Expedia local expert.

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