January 31, 2013

Expedia uses data-triggered human interaction to increase bookings

Expedia Cruise Ship Centers has been building up a robust email marketing program over the past seven years. However, while building up that program, the marketing team has also been accumulating a lot of data that could be used for smarter marketing.

"Over the last several years, we have really been looking at email marketing. It gets more and more challenging and cluttered because everyone is into email marketing at a very rapid pace," said Dave Mossop, Manager of Interactive Marketing, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers.

Mossop added that Expedia Cruise Ship Centers is constantly looking for ways to use the data its team has collected to create a way of reaching its customers more efficiently, and in tandem with its significant travel agent work force.

"We try to find a way to kind of get smarter and not really send a lot more email but at the same time get more out of the email campaigns," he said.

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