January 31, 2013

Facebook is a mobile company now. Are you?

If there was any question about the direction of Facebook going forward, Wednesday’s Q4 earnings put that to rest - Facebook is trying to be a mobile company, and making good gains so far in getting there.

Facebook is a closely watched test case of the speed at which the desktop web era can shift into the mobile era. On Wednesday, it reminded us that mobile is not an option; it’s an inevitability.

Facebook grew to a billion users with a strategy that relied mainly on the desktop web experience for many years. It went public before it even had a decently functioning iOS app. And for a long time it relied on HTML5, which didn’t turn into the winning mobile strategy the company had hoped.

But with investors nipping at its heels, Facebook announced fourth-quarter earnings on Wednesday that finally produced solid numbers when it comes to mobile — a quarter of ad revenue, and, for the first time, proof that daily active users (DAUs) on mobile outnumber those on desktops.

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