September 07, 2018

Facebook’s new Flight Ads lets advertisers target users searching for flights on travel sites, apps

Previously called Dynamic ads for travel for flight, the new Flight Ads let airlines and airfare apps go beyond simple retargeting ad tactics.

Facebook is launching a new ad designed specifically for airlines and airfare apps wanting to target travelers searching for flights. The new Flight Ads allow airlines to target their ads based on a user’s visits to flight-related Facebook Pages, websites and apps outside of the advertiser’s web properties and Facebook Page.

Formerly called dynamic ads for travel for flight, the new ads let advertisers go beyond the previous retargeting ad tactics that limited ads to customers who had visited the airline’s website or app.

Facebook has allowed a limited number of advertisers to try out the new Flight Ads Air France, which used the ads to drive targeted search volume to its website, saw costs per search drop 66 percent.

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