January 27, 2012

FairSearch.org launches anti-Google “Good To Know” ad campaign

FairSearch.org, a consortium of companies that originally came together to oppose the Google acquisition of ITA and includes Tavelocity, Microsoft and TripAdvisor among others, has added several new members to its ranks and launched an anti-Google print-ad campaign.

Entitled “Good to Know,” the ads seek to expose “truths” about Google and its alleged conflicts of interest.

The ads argue that Google unfairly promotes its own products, delivers search results that aren’t objective or in the best interests of users and doesn’t respect user privacy. The ads assert that they’re telling the public things that “Google doesn’t want you to know.”

The new members of FairSearch.org include the Interactive Travel Services Association (ITSA), Twenga, which just filed an antitrust complaint against Google in Europe and ShopCity.com, a local-community shopping destination.

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