December 19, 2012

Flocations helps travelers see beyond their travel budget

While most travel booking sites ask you to enter a destination, Flocations wants to know your budget–and in return, the simple but attractive Web site offers a map of possibilities for even the most cash-straitened of travelers.

While there are other sites that offer reverse-lookup by ticket price for destinations, such as FareCompare, Flocations creates a “fun visual experience” by getting rid of price lists and matrices and instead mapping out potential destinations, says co-founder Florian Cornu. Click on a city and you’ll get a list of fares and airline carriers, as well as hotel suggestions.

“While people might have well known destinations like Phuket and Bali in mind, it would take them time to compare the prices for those, while on Flocations they can compare them in a second, as well as dozens of other places they did not even think of,” says Cornu.

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