January 04, 2018

For Millennials Instagrammability of holidays most important factor when booking

According to Expedia, the biggest priority for young people travelling abroad is how Instagrammable their destination is. What's more, these Instagram travel posts actually inspire one in four millennials to book vacations to these spots.

The research, which analysed what inspires millennials and Gen X to travel, found those aged 18-34 research just how good a location will look on their Instagram feed before clicking book, with two thirds saying the Instagrammability of a location is the most important factor when booking.

And it's men who are more likely to choose a vacation spot based on Instagrammability alone.

The results make sense considering the rise in social media influencers paid to travel to exotic places and post enviable pictures - and it looks like there is a reason they are paid so much to do it.

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