August 23, 2017

For travel brands, email still has an edge

For hospitality brands, the preference for emails is particularly marked - at 66% the number is more than twice that for Direct Mail (26%) and Mobile Apps (25%), according to Campaign Monitor survey.

Social Media comes in slightly lower again, at 23%, and mobile wallets bring up the rear at 14%. The preference no doubt reflects the amount of data being conveyed.

Across verticals, the top reasons consumers will open an email from a brand are personalisation and discounts. Consumers are just slightly more inclined to open an email offering a discount (72%) than one with a personalised subject line (62%).

Satisfaction with delivery of travel and hospitality brands on the promise of personalised mail was pretty high, at 59%. Yet this lagged retail brands, which scored 76%. When it came to preferences on personalisation, there was not a lot of difference between age groups.

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