February 16, 2017

Forrester: Virtual Reality is not yet ready for marketers

Eventually, VR can transform the nature of advertising, social networks, the way intelligent agents work, travel and many other arenas. But that marketing future is not here yet.

The research firm says it’s at least five years from being a mass consumer medium, although augmented reality, 360-degree video and mixed reality are acting as stepping stones.

If you’re a marketer rubbing your hands together in anticipation of the virtual campaigns you’ll run in virtual reality, you may want to take a breath. The title of a recent Forrester Research report will likely slow you down: “Virtual Reality Isn’t Ready for Marketing Yet.”

The study finds that “critical-mass consumer adoption of high-end VR headsets is five years away,” although 360-degree video “will flourish on low-to-mid-end VR devices in the meantime.”

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