March 24, 2016

Four PPC travel trends you need to act on

Google’s data shows that our travel planning behavior has shifted considerably; people now conduct lots of short research sessions, rather than a few, long research sessions. This makes travel marketers feel that they must be ever-present on the SERP, even though the likelihood of converting many of these searchers is low.

Travel marketers are faced with a whole slew of challenges. Firstly, searchers do a TON of shopping way before they’re actually ready to buy, resulting in tons of dirty data and mixed signals for marketers. To make matters worse, the market is super saturated and the big guys have an insane cash flow, allowing them to offer crazy deals with absurdly low margins.

So, how can the average travel company compete? It’s all about understanding the market trends and finding creative ways to leverage them to your advantage.

Here are four new trends all travel marketers should be ready for.

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