December 19, 2012

Give your best hotel guests a second look

Your most important guests are the ones who make you the most money. They pay reasonable rates that are supplemented by consistent, non-room spend. They are loyal and return to your brand multiple times. And your very best guests also become advocates for your brand.

In short, your most important guests spend money with you repeatedly, promote you, and they don’t create problems for you and your staff. What motivates your best customers to select your hotel?

It may sound obvious, but it is extremely important to understand what motivates your best customers to select your hotel. Most hotels collect guest feedback, but surprisingly few look specifically at their best guests alone to make sure they are delivering the experience they want. Some pay particular attention to loyalty club members, but loyalty club members aren’t necessarily the most profitable.

Identifying your best customers means calculating total annual spend and loyalty (propensity to return and to recommend). Are these valuable customers happy with your product and service? Do they occasionally expect something more or something different? Are there costly, nagging problems driving important guests away from your brand? Having objective guest responses to these questions helps maintain the all-important guest connection and focuses management attention and investment on the guests who matter most.

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