July 04, 2018

glh Hotels: A deep dive into customer-centric culture

The London-based global hotel company believes that all departments and levels of staff need to be involved in and excited about creating a customer-centric culture.

This culture of involvement and motivation has helped the group to achieve some pretty impressive feats in the last few years. This includes a guest review response rate of 100% within 48 hours and a very successful staff customer care training program based on the insights gained from the ReviewPro tool.

We interviewed Nadine Lee, Group Guest Service Manager at glh Hotels, at the ReviewPro office recently, when she gave us insight into how deep the guest-centric culture goes at glh. For us at ReviewPro, communication with our clients is key. Regularly meeting and talking to our clients is a priority to help us develop our tools and ensure clients are getting the most out of our partnership.

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