November 23, 2012

Good hotel reviews best weapon in getting upper hand in OTA negotiations

While many hotels have reaped the benefits of working with OTAs, they also now want to regain control of their customer relationships and pricing. As the spheres of influence between OTAs and hoteliers get hashed out, it is critical that hoteliers do not lose focus on the one element they have full control over: customer experience.

The reality is that for the hotel industry today, OTAs are still an essential channel for demand generation.

In order for hotels to thrive, they need to work to ensure that the lines of communication between OTAs and hoteliers are open, and that the two are not operating independently of each other.

There can be a significant halo effect by encouraging hoteliers pursue a targeted customer-segmentation strategy. Likewise, hoteliers can raise their own profile by focusing on the customer experience.

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