November 02, 2012

Google AdWords in travel: high click-through rates but low conversions

While you new data from Wordstream suggest that 'Shopping' and 'Travel' rank as the top industries with the highest Google AdWords average click-through rates, the travel industry finds itself at the very end of the Top 10 industry list, when it comes to conversion.

On the heels of Google’s “disappointing” earnings announcement last Friday – they generated a whopping $10.8 billion in advertising revenues in Q3 2012, up 5% from the previous quarter and up 16% year over year – Wordstream conducted an analysis to shed some light on just how they pulled this off.

Here are some of the findings for the travel industry:

- Google Search delivered 4.88% click-through rates in 'Travel', compared to 0.18% click-throughs via the Google Display Network;

- Average cost per click in 'Travel' was US$ 0.29 with Google Search, compared to US$ 0.28 with the Google Display Network;

- The conversion rate with Google Search was 1.45% for 'Travel', compared to 2.99% with the Google Display Network;

- The top five Google AdWords advertisers in 'Travel' are Expedia,,,, and Kayak.

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