June 30, 2011

Google Analytics gets social engagement reporting

Google Analytics has just announced a new set of reports that will enable websites to track social interaction with their content. This comes as a welcomed addition to the new Google+1 button, as it now enables one to measure the impact of social interactions in and outside websites.

Out of the box, Google Analytics provides integrated tracking with the Google +1 button. This means if you have set up both Google +1 and the latest version of Google Analytics on the same page, all +1 social interactions will be tracked automatically. For more information on +1 Tracking, including troubleshooting tips, see About Social Tracking in Our Help Center.

To get social interaction tracking and reporting for other networks like Facebook or Twitter, you need to integrate Google Analytics tracking with each network button. With Google Analytics Social Tracking, recorded interactions range from a Facebook "Like" to a Twitter "Tweet." While event tracking can track general content interactions as well, Social Tracking provides a consistent framework for tracking social interactions. This in turn provides Google Analytics report users with a consistent set of reports to compare social network interactions across multiple networks.

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