March 16, 2012

Google Flight Search adds global routes, and deep links to Orbitz

Six months after its initial beta launch, Google Flight Search has added dozens of global airlines and international flights to more than 500 airports. However, the product is still only accessible to US users only, and international flights, including roundtrips, must have the initial leg originating from the US.

Booking links from Orbitz, which became ITA Software’s first customer in 2001, now appear in some North American search results, breaking the airline-only hold on those precious links.

An Orbitz spokesperson says of the program: “We are always exploring new channel and promotional opportunities and looking at how we might collaborate with Google Flight is among those options.”

The deep links to Orbitz, as with airline booking links, are advertisements. For example, here are Orbitz and Alaska Airlines ads on a New York to Vancouver, Canada, search.

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