February 06, 2013

Google Hotel Finder gets an update, adds hotel brand filter

Google’s Hotel Finder service has been updated with a new feature that makes it easier to find accommodation in any city over a specific period of time. Hotel Finder also has a new default filter along the top of the map, called ‘Brand’, which sits alongside Price, Star Rating, User Rating and Amenities.

Google then does all the hard work, bringing up its trademark maps with a dizzying number of red dots that represent its search results. The update includes a dark box, overlaid on the top left-hand corner of the map, that brings up a detailed description of the various neighborhoods when you hover over the name with your cursor.

The text summary and cover photo are useful enough, but the feature becomes much more interesting once you select the neighbourhood name from the drop down. Google’s Hotel Finder then zooms into the map, applying a four-cornered box that conveys the boundaries of the neighborhood.

The list of hotels on the left hand-side of the webpage are updated automatically based on the neighbourhood you’ve selected, and can now be filtered directly from the search box. So rather than manually navigating via the sort button, and looking at hotels in order based on price or user rating, it’s possible to just type in from the outset: “Three star hotel in Barcelona under $200 with a WiFi connection.”

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